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We encourage all relevant website owners to use our widgets, or link to with our logo in concert with our guidelines and only in accordance with Terms of Service below. For BusinessUSA, we have two different types of widgets - Wizards and Badges. Read More

Using Wizard Widgets on Your Site

When you use widgets that link to, please do it in an appropriate context as a service to your customers when they need to find official U.S. Government information and services for small business owners and exporters. In four steps, you'll be up and running. Read More

Dynamic widgets
The widgets below can be embedded into your website to offer information and resources to your users through BusinessUSA. Follow these steps to use BusinessUSA widgets.

1) Set the criteria of any of the widgets using the dropdown menus (if applicable).

2) Click on “Live Preview” to see a visual preview of the widget with the criteria you selected.

3) Click on “Show Code” to view the HTML code for your widget.

4) Copy this HTML string and embed it in your website’s source code, in your desired location.

5) You can adjust the size of the widget by changing the “width” and “height”. BusinessUSA’s widgets are dynamic, meaning that the image and text will adjust to the dimensions you set for the widget.

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Explore Government Contracting

here we can pass dynamic message

Find International Trade Leads Widget
here we can pass dynamic message

SBA District Offices:

Discover Events In Your Area
This widget will help you Locate Business Events in your local area. Please enter the ZipCode and Maximum distance.

Using Badges and Legacy Widgets

We encourage you to use our logo and other simple widgets, which we've provided below. Read More

Responsive iFrame Widget

This is an embedded iFrame widget that is responsive, the width and height may be changed as desired. When doing so the widget will hide the bulleted links if they are about to be cut off from lack of space, or span the bullet-items over multiple columns if there is enough space to do so. You can view this widget directly from here

Basic Logo Widget (large)
Link to Business USA

Basic Logo 'Go' Widget (small)
Business USA

Basic Logo Widget (small)
Business USA

Events Badge


If you have any questions about linking to, the use of the logo, or want more information or promotional materials on, please contact us.


For BusinessUSA Widget and Logo

Agreement: By clicking to download and use items you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Service (TOS) here within and by doing so make this agreement for yourself and on behalf of your organization, agency, company or entity that uses the BusinessUSA items; and attesting that you have the authority to represent such entity. Read More